About Us

Since its beginning, Fairview Reformed Church has been a vibrant and welcoming Christian community, listening to God's Word and trying to put it into practice, and welcoming all who seek God into our worshiping family.

Founded by Dutch and Huguenot pioneers in 1837, Fairview Reformed is the oldest Reformed congregation west of the Allegheny Mountains. The founders were descendants of the first settlers of New York City (New Netherlands) who brought Reformed theology and patterns of worship to the New World in the 1620s. From the beginning, they shared their faith with those in surrounding communities. We aim to follow in their footsteps, and we warmly welcome you and offer you the Peace of Christ, whether you are our neighbor here in Fairview, or visiting us from the other side of the world. We are blessed to be a home for those with a wide variety of faith backgrounds. If you love Jesus Christ, or are learning to love him, you will feel at home among us.