We're so glad that you are interested in joining us as we worship God together! Here are some things that it may be helpful for you to know:

Length: The worship service tends to last for a little over an hour, followed by lots of informal conversation that slowly moves towards our Fellowship Hall, where an optional and social Sunday School hour takes place from around 11:30-12:00.

Children: We pride ourselves on our multi-generational worship. Young voices are the sound of life within a community! There is a dedicated story time in the service where kids and parents or grandparents come forward to read a Bible Story together. Sermons tend to last around 15 minutes, which is hopefully not too long for kids (and the rest of us!) to get antsy.

Music Style: We worship primarily using those great old hymns that still resonate hundreds of years later (think "Amazing Grace"), but also with newer hymns that make use of our beautiful organ and piano and the talents of our dear friends Mark, Cindy, and Tina.

Attire: Know that, whatever you wear or how you present yourself, you will be warmly welcomed at Fairview Reformed! If you would like to "fit in" with your neighbors here, you'll see khakis, slacks, some nice blue jeans, some dresses, a few ties, some polo shirts, and some suits (if we happen to be celebrating the Lord's Supper on that day).